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Shop 3, 227 Forest Rd Hurstville, Sydney, NSW, 2220
(02) 8068 9926

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Crystal De Beauty was founded in June 2015. It was founded on the belief that you deserve to be pampered. As a company, we make sure all your nail and beauty needs are taken care of at the one place with the highest quality of service.

Crystal De Beauty in Hurstville, Sydney, NSW is in the category of Beauty Salons, Hair & Beauty, Nail Salons, Piercing Shops with expertise in Manicure, Gel Nails, Eyebrow Piercing.

Some other services offered by Crystal De Beauty include Waxing, Ear Piercing, Massage, Bridal Makeup, Facials, Manicure, Shellac Nails, Pedicure.

Phone Crystal De Beauty to ask about our services and prices.

Hurstville Sydney’s premium destination for manicure, pedicure, nail art, waxing, piercing, facial, skin treatments (including lesion removals), IPL hair removal and more. Come in for a free consultation today.

We are experienced nail technicians, eyelash experts, waxing specialists, facial therapists and skincare consultants under the one roof.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver to the world an affordable destination for you to pamper yourself. Gone are the days when Beautification is only for the wealthy and upper class elites.

Today, everyday Australians can afford to flaunt sexy lashes, designer nails, hair-free and radiant skin.

We delivered because you all bloody deserve it. Join us on our mission to deliver this to the world, come visit us today.

Nail Salon Services

Our staff have operated in Hurstville’s Nail Scene for over 8 years.

We are proud to offer our premium nail salon services to you. Allow us to take care of all your finger nail and toe nail concerns.

Allow us to pamper you. And give you your dream set of finger and toe nails. We aim to become your nail salon of choice.

Acrylic Nails

Our Acrylic technicians have minimum 5 years experience in nail tech.

We only hire the best staff in order to ensure the highest quality of acrylic full sets provided in our line of nail salon services.

To top it up, we offer one of Hurstville’s most affordable prices.

Natural Nails

For those of you who prefer natural nails, we have the know-how to help you maintain those nails.

We only use the best products used in the nail salon industry to ensure your natural nails remain healthy.


Our nail salon pedicure services are first class.

We offer services from our most basic pedicure to remove your dead skin to our premium services which include leg massage and foot masks.

Enjoy our service in our privately partitioned pedicure spa area as you relax in our deluxe automatic massage chairs.

Soak off / Take off

We offer efficient service for soaking off or taking off acrylic or shellac.

We will buff, re-shape your nails and restore them to the natural nail as per your desire.

Our service is efficient with high attention to detail.

Nail Design

Our dedicated nail design artists have over 10 years experience in the field.

Our specialty designers are masters at creating and copying your desired images and graphics onto your nail.

We guarantee you the most amazing artwork – so you can leave our store feeling great and show-off to your friends.

Piercing Services

Our dedicated team of piercing specialists have been piercing since 2008.

Our professional piercing systems place an emphasis on the accuracy and technique of our piercings.

Our staff undergo nationally accredited piercing certification and weekly training.

We adhere strictly to piercing processes that ensure the piercing is performed safely with careful sterlisation. Our piercing components come pre-packed and sterilised.

Our mandatory techniques and processes places extreme care on the sterlisation of the pierced surface.

Our staff are required to have high attention to detail to ensure we uphold our high standards of piercings.

Our staff also perform needle piercings.

Our needles are pre-sterilised with an autoclave sterilisation unit.

Our piercers can needle pierce a variety of piercings including but not limited to nipple, belly and eyebrow piercings – please refer to our services list to see the complete list of piercings available.

Waxing services

We offer the full range of waxing services from facial to body. We have specialists in eyebrow shaping who can give you the perfect shape.

We also have staff with over 5 years experience in waxing and who know how to wax quickly and effectively with minimal irritation or pain.

Hair Removal Services

Our advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal machines are designed to destroy hair follicles. Multiple sessions may be required to completely destroy all follicles to give you the perfect hair-free look.

 Make Up Services

Our staff are seasoned experts at make up services.

With over 10 years experience in the field, our senior make up artist can give you the natural look or transform you into a super model – as per your specific request.

 Eyelash Services

We specialise in individual full sets of lashes.

Our services range from natural look lashes through to thick glamour model lashes. Our full sets can normally take 1 hour for completion.

Facial Services

Our staff are the very best at facial services.

Our senior staff are equipped with the know-how in Guinot and Clinical Skincare products to treat all your skin concerns.

And with over 5 years training in the art of facial massage, we will make you feel wonderful and make your skin more radiant and beautiful.

Skincare Services

We offer a range of skincare services from free consultation on skincare products to clinical treatments of lesions, skin tags.

We will remove any unwanted imperfections on your skin.

Our devices have proven effectiveness of all skin – including treatment of pigmentation. Ask us about our treatments today.

Current Promotions

There are currently no promotions.

But please subscribe to our mailing list via our mobile site to be notified of future promotions and discounts.


“Really good work but the only reason its 4 and not 5 star is because its the only nail salon ive EVER been to that charges extra just for the shape you want your acrylic”

“Hi Joyce, thank you kindly for the review. Just hope you can understand that the additional cost is normally for shapes that take extra time and care to make perfect. The regular shapes such as rounded, square, almond etc are free. Hope we can give you the five star service next time. Yours sincerely, Crystal De Beauty.”

“I wana thank nancy and phil, they were really nice and friendly. Really comprehensive and good attention to detail. 10/10 would take my special someone here for excellent service and care factor.”

“I love this beauty salon so so so much!People nice there,Professional!!!Nancy the best”

“Always good to be look after by professional, Nancy and her team, are such delightful people.”

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