Primal Ink Tattoos

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240c Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale, Melbourne, VIC, 3166
03 9543 7818
0478 823 777

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Primal Ink Tattoos

Primal Ink Tattoos in Huntingdale, Melbourne, VIC is listed under Cosmetic Tattooing, Laser Clinics, Piercing Shops, Tattoo Parlours, Tattoo Removal.

Custom Tattoo Designs | Coverup Tattoos | Laser Tattoo Removal | Body Piercings

We doing all type of Tattoos like:

Spiritual Tattoos
Sci Fi Tattoos
Religious Tattoos
Realistic Tattoos
Portrait Tattoos
Greek Tattoos
Flower Tattoos
Feather Tattoos
Cover Up Tattoos
Black and Grey Tattoos
Animal Tattoos

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a popular method of body art, and there are an estimated 20-30 million tattooed individuals in the world. Approximately 50% of those who get tattoos regret all or part of their tattoos and want to have them removed completely, or faded enough to allow for re-tattooing of a new design over the old tattoo.

Exodus Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic offers affordable and effective tattoo removal and fading backed by experience and advanced technology.

At Exodus, we use the latest and most advanced laser tattoo removal and tattoo fading technology. The equipment we use are developed to deliver the desired results through comfortable and relatively painless treatment sessions.

We use the latest equipment: Q-switch laser machine, Koolio cooling unit and infared LED advanced healing.

Tattoo removal is a process through which the tattoo is completely or partially removed and the affected skin area is freed from the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is a gradual process and treatments are repeated until the tattoo is removed.

Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions can take between five to twenty minutes and, depending on size of the tattoo, the area of the tattoo, condition of the skin as well as the colours, potency and depth of the tattoo., the frequency of sessions may be between four to eight weeks.

Visit or call us today for your free consultation.

Primal Ink Tattoo Artists

Eugene Pirie
Owner and Head Tattoo Artist

Born in a town just out of Cape Town, South Africa, Eugene’s family relocated to Melbourne, Australia when he was 5 years old as his father had received a career break that would better his family’s opportunities in life. Having spent his early years in South Africa Eugene is hard-working, realistic and very down to earth.

Eugene has been producing art since the early days he could finger paint, as a child he loved drawing with a lot of influence stemming from art and comic books. Through high school art was one of his preferred subjects where he developed an appetite for life drawing.  He commenced his paid art career as Graphic Air Brush Designer/Artist at 16 and then travelled extensively where he gained further knowledge and respect for other cultures, their art and traditional tattoos.

Relocating in Thailand in his 20’s he commenced studying the art of Tattooing from the bottom up, from building his own tattoo machines to extensive training on a various range of techniques and styles, majoring in tattoo shading and cover up styles. Here he focused on perfecting his artwork and techniques as a tattoo artist. Upon returning from Thailand back to Melbourne he worked at a number of studios and shops where he commenced his commercial career. In his experience as a tattoo artist he has had tattoo sittings that have lasted up to 13 hours.

The appeal of tattooing for Eugene has always been the concept of permanently changing someone’s life and body by art and expression. He has a true passion for what he does and is a perfectionist at hand He has a tendency to gravitate to realism and portraits which is one of the hardest and detailed tattoo styles around today. He is a truly talented artist – this evident if you’re lucky enough to witness him free-hand. His work speaks for itself. His genuine nature and comfortable manner has him working at a pace that is hard to equal.

Eugene hopes to always carry the passion and enthusiasm for his art and has a strong desire to change the perception of tattooing from labels to works of art, achieving success and recognition for the chosen career he genuinely loves, one day opening a Tattoo School in the near future to motivate and teach his passion to others.


“From the moment i stepped in i was made to feel welcome. Esa did an amazing job and i am stoked at the result so far. Primal Ink came recommended and have not disappointed. Highly recommended!!

Will be back for more keep up the awesome work.!”

“My favourite tattoo shop by far, always welcoming and super friendly and incredibly talented artists will always make you want to come back again and again.

Special shoutout to Tristan who has been my artist since I discovered the shop… And out of all the artists that have spent time on my skin, none have had the same passion and pride in their work quite like him.

Forever a regular �”

“Absoutely stoked with my recent ink done by troy, its everything i wanted and more, doubt anyone could get better then this legend. Such an easy honest guy to get work done by. Thank you a tonne. Rest of my family are excited to get troy to do their ink soon!”

“I love this place! Everyone is funny and nice and also they make you feel very welcome.Thank you Esa Alderding you re amazing and i am incredibly happy! Most highly recommended!! I ‘ll definitely be back for more.”

“Had my first tattoo here and Eugene was amazing! chilled and talented! definitely coming back.”

“Absolutely love the tattoos done by Eugene. One was a cover up. I was so indecisive but somehow (I’m really bad at explaining myself) Eugene knew exactly what I wanted. So much effort and patience I would definitely recommend this studio for anyone. Cover ups especially. Was amazing!”

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