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Hairdressing Scissors are our ONLY BUSINESS!

Hairdressing Scissor Sales & Service

Fine Hairdressing scissors are precision instruments & only a specialist can give the Professional Hairdresser the result they need & so rightly, demand.

The Owners of Rapid Edge Australia are

Japanese-Trained Bladesmiths

We don’t sharpen knives, mower blades or anything else, JUST – HAIRDRESSING SCISSORS!

The Rapid Edge Group is the World’s Largest Hairdressing scissor servicing group with over 185 outlets Worldwide.

Rapid Edge is by far the largest hair scissor sales & servicing organisation in Australia & also operates in: –

  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Scissors We Sell

  • Togiya Japanese-Made Scissors
  • Kimi Japanese Steel Scissors
  • Vixen Japanese Steel Scissors
  • Shine Scissors

Scissor Cases & Razors

  • Scissor Cases
  • Razors & Blades

Our Training

At Rapid Edge Australia we have in excess of 20 years combined experience in servicing quality hairdressing scissors.

We have undertaken training from many sources in many parts of the world and we are always looking to improve our craftsmanship through any advances in technique or equipment that may be developed.

Your scissors are precious! Our investment in our own training & equipment is in excess of $250,000 just to be able to properly service your scissors. We are perfectionists, and, as passionate about your scissors as you are!There is no doubt that “Japanese Made” is at the absolute pinnacle of craftsmanship, excellence and precision in Hairdressing Scissors. Their attention to detail and passion for perfection in everything they do is legendary.

Japanese history in bladesmithing dates back to at least 1603 (Samurai) and this knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.

Very few “Westerners” have ever been invited to learn from Japanese Bladesmiths as they protect their knowledge with tradition. Evan & Rod from Rapid Edge are 2 of only 4 people (that we can confirm the claims of being Japanese-trained) in Australia, that have had this opportunity.

In our last visit to Japan we visited a factory that we have been dealing with for some time and spent a considerable amount of time learning from 4th generation Japanese blade craftsmen.

The Togiya factory has become the “benchmark” of Japanese blade factories. It’s owners are the 4th generation and have combined modern computer controlled machining technology (CNC machines) with traditional individual craftsman, edge finishing techniques.

In-Salon Scissor Servicing

Hairdressing Scissor Sharpening is attempted by many but mastered by only a few!

The Owners of Rapid Edge Australia areĀ Japanese-Trained Bladesmiths

In Australia there are only 3 companies that we believe are capable of looking after your precious hairdressing scissors.

There is 1 in Perth, 1 in Melbourne and of course Rapid Edge which operates in Sydney, Hunter Region (NSW), Brisbane, Sunshine Coast (QLD), Melbourne, Ballarat (VIC), Wangaratta (VIC), Perth, Adelaide & Hobart.

The Patented Rapid Edge equipment is also used by scissor manufacturers, so, if you want your precious tools to “feel like new again” after they’ve been serviced – you should ONLY be using Rapid Edge.

The hairdressing industry has been told for years that scissors can not be sharpened “in-salon”. Excuses like, “the equipment is too big” or, “we need 5 different machines to do that” have been used. Well, dinosaurs used to roam the earth & it’s not that long ago mobile phones were the size of a briefcase!

In reality, Rapid Edge technology has revolutionised this industry & has become the future of it. 95% of scissor problems or damage can be rectified in-salon but only by Rapid Edge!
For the 5% that do need the workshop, we do that too. We will even pick them up & deliver them back! (in serviced areas).

Don’t be fooled – if it’s not genuine Rapid Edge people servicing your scissors – you might end up having to buy a new pair earlier than you thought!

Contact: Andrew Madaffari

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