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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland (RSPCA Qld) is the state’s oldest, largest and leading animal welfare charity, dedicated to improving the lives of all domestic, farmed and native animals throughout Queensland.

We are the leading animal welfare charity in Queensland, currently rehoming more animals than any other organisation in the Southern Hemisphere. As a non-government, community based charity, we are the only charity with the power to prosecute animal cruelty and neglect.  We care for displaced domestic pets as well as native wildlife patients in our Brisbane RSPCA Wildlife Hospital.

Each year over 50,000 animals need assistance from the RSPCA. RSPCA Qld requires $42 million annually to support our animal centres, programs and services. RSPCA Qld, a community based charity receives less than 1% of funding from the government and relies on donations, bequests and sponsorships from ordinary Queenslanders, just like you.

Our mission statement is simple, but powerful: Helping Animals, Enlightening People, Changing Lives

Patron: His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland.

Our History
RSPCA Qld has a long, rich history of caring for all creatures great and small that spans over 130 years.
From one Inspector and several supporters in its fledgling years, the Society has grown to have 270 paid staff throughout the state, generously supported by our 3,000 volunteers. Every person who works directly or indirectly with the RSPCA is dedicated to increasing the opportunities and improving the quality of life of each animal in their care.

The RSPCA remains an independent animal welfare charity, striving to educate the community on its responsibilities and continuing to protect and enhance the welfare of animals.

Resources and Policies
Learn more about RSPCA’s beliefs on all matters of animal welfare.

Please view RSPCA National policies and Queensland specific policies by following the links.

If you would like more information regarding any of our policies, or would like to discuss a situation that we do not yet have a policy on, please email us.


Save Animals
Find homes for animals
Care for animals
Find lost animals
Teach kids about animal welfare
Work with rescue groups
Puppy and Dog Training
Animal welfare awareness
Work with communities
Disasters and Alerts
Success Stories

Above all else, at RSPCA Qld our focus is on saving lives. Our centres throughout Queensland are where we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome.

For the 50,342 animals that arrived at an RSPCA Queensland centre over the past year, it was a second chance at life.

Our commitment to saving lives can be found everywhere at the RSPCA. “Have I done everything reasonable to save this animal?” can be found near offices, on our software and as part of the landscape. Saving lives is a way of life and one that the staff and volunteers are committed to.

For the year of 2014/2015 our live release rate finished as 85%, compared to 83% for the year prior. Today, it sits at 88% for dogs and 87% for cats for the 2015/2016 year.

Over 55,000 animals find their way to an RSPCA centre in Queensland each year, with a story to tell. Whether they were strays, surrendered by their previous owner, rescued by our Animal Ambulance, or the victim of cruelty – we believe that every animal deserves a second chance at happiness.

Over the past year, 23,398 animals were re-united and re-homed by members of the community who have opened their hearts and homes to our amazing animals.

While a large proportion of these animals were cats and dogs, RSPCA Queensland also offers sanctuary to farm animals, birds, reptiles, rodents, and small animals such as guinea pigs while they wait patiently to find their forever home.

There are many unique and beautiful animals available for adoption from RSPCA centres throughout Queensland. All have undergone rigorous health and temperament checks, and have been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you are considering purchasing a pet, please visit your local RSPCA Queensland Adoption Centre, or search online to find your perfect companion. We are also coming to you in the month of April, request a personal Delifurry Service and you can have an RSPCA adoptions team member bring your preferred animal to your home to see if it is a perfect match. Limited to Brisbane only, more locations coming soon.

Teach kids about animal welfare

RSPCA Qld believes that the most powerful way to change people’s attitudes and behaviours towards animals is through humane education. Humane education is about fostering kindness and respect for animals, people and the environment through empathy.

Empathy, as research indicates, is a learned behaviour, and we have a range of innovative presentations that explore how and why we should care for all creatures, great and small.

Each year, our humane education team reaches more than 36,000 people through our range of education programs – EMU (Education Mobile Unit), school visits, community events, and animal care campus tours. Our hearts swell with pride when students and community members tell us how much fun they’ve had and thank us for opening their eyes to the concerns of all animals.

Check out the links and video below to find out more about our education services, and help children and the wider community learn to care for and respect all creatures great and small.

Care for animals

Whether an animal has been surrendered, neglected, abandoned, lost, is unwanted, sick or injured, our centres throughout Queensland provide all creatures great and small a safe and comfortable place to stay while they receive the care and attention they need, and deserve.

At RSPCA Qld, we have close working relationships with councils, rescue groups and other welfare organisations, which positions us to give even more animals a second chance of finding a forever home, and to re-unite even more lost animals with their owners.

Over the past year, RSPCA Qld provided over 1 million animal care days. If you start to look at the number of meals, the amount of laundry, the number of walks – it is truly amazing the time that has been given by over 250 staff and over 5,000 volunteers, foster carers, rescue groups and wildlife carers.

2015-16 Highlights
RSPCA Qld cared for 50,342 animals
Live release rate of 87.5% compared to 83% the previous year
21,723 Wildlife patients statewide
7,515 animals were placed in Foster Care
The call centre answered 323,070 calls
Lost and Found – Over 5,500 animals have been returned to their owners safely across Queensland
18,386 animal cruelty complaints and neglect calls were received
2,000 Queenslanders joined our monthly giving program, RSPCA Companions, taking our total Companion numbers to 6,000!
Over 1500 enrolments for animal training – also attended seminars to over 500 Logan City Council residents as part of our joint partnership promoting responsible pet management
112,970 Animal Rescue calls received

Puppy and Dog Training


At the RSPCA School for Dogs, we are committed to ensuring both you and your dog can live a happy and enjoyable life together.

Our group classes are designed to provide you with a safe place to train your dog, and are a whole lot of fun! We offer the highest standard in animal training to enhance the human-canine bond and develop confident, well-mannered, sociable family companions.

You will work with highly experienced trainers who are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your classes and reach your personal training goals. From loose leash walking to polite puppy play, we have a class that will suit you!

Our group classes cater for all dogs from 8 weeks of age onwards. By keeping our classes small (max 6 dogs), we can provide for individual attention and tailor our curriculum to meet your needs.

Importantly, our humane training techniques and tools are scientifically proven and guided by the five freedoms for animals.

For further information, or to book a class today, please visit

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