Soul Inn House Tattoo

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18 Holmes Road Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Victoria
(03) 9370 5301

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Tuesday to Friday 10am till 6pm

Saturday 10am till 5pm

Welcome to Soul inn house tattoo

We provide Custom design and Tattoo Art, Tattoos, Body Piercing, Custom Jewelry, Custom Designed Clothing, Custom Temporary Tattoos, Refreshments, as well as Fun, Energy and Laughter!

Please email call or come in and set up a consultation or appointment with the creative team at Soul Inn House Tattoo.

For our latest work and updates please visit our Face Book and Instagram pages.

Soul Inn House Tattoo is located close to public transport and Melbourne CBD.

Welcome to Soul Inn House Custom Tattoo Art and Body Piercing Clinic.
The Soul Inn House team are 100% devoted to quality custom design. It is precisely this dedication to the art form that distinguishes us from many other tattoo shops. Soul Inn House has been producing unique and personalized designs and tattoos for happy clients since 2002. Design consultations are held with all clients to discuss any ideas, inspirations and questions, ensuring that the needs of each and every customer are met. The unique design of the tattoo parlour with its Japanese/Oriental-inspired interior is a light and airy space with a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

The aim of the Soul Inn House artists is to redefine tattooing and produce high quality tattoo art and body piercing that ages well and enhances the person’s lifestyle. The Soul Inn House tattoo shop works by appointment so we are able to give you the best tattoo or piercing experience possible.

We provide :
Custom design and Tattoo Art, Specialists in Oriental, Japanese, Realistic and Traditional designs and Body Piercing, Custom Jewellery, Custom Designed T-Shirts, Close shop location to Melbourne CBD in Victoria Australia. Refreshments, as well as Fun, Energy and Laughter.

Soul Inn House Custom Tattoo And Body Piercing Clinic is a Melbourne based specialist tattoo parlour.

General Information
Graeme Fletcher – “Thank you so much for the fantastic and beautiful piece of art that now resides on my arm. After 12 months I won’t know what to do with my RDO’s now. You’re the best Clare! I’ll be back in the future!”

Chris Delaland – “Clare, after all the time and effort you’ve put into my sleeve, I’ve realised that I won’t ever be able to properly thank you for what you’ve given me. I’m so proud to be wearing your work and have been walking around with a very satisfied smile for weeks now. So thank you.
All the guys are Soul Inn House have made the last 2 and a bit years of RDO’s such a blast. In the words of a great man – “I’ll be back””

Soul Inn House specialises in Custom Tattoo Art and Body Piercing.


The unique design of the clinic with its Art Deco featured interior is a light and airy space with a friendly and inviting atmosphere.  Our artists rooms allow for a private comfortable tattooing experience.


About YOU and your TATTOO
First and foremost, we are excited to be working with you!

We want this to be a truly memorable experience for you, so please take the time to read the following information.

Preparing for your: Tattoo Do your research. Before your consult gather as much reference material as necessary.

If you require your tattoo to be drawn, be sure to give your artist ample time and some freedom to be creative! Creativity is fostered, not forced.

The area to be tattooed needs to be free of any type of trauma ie sunburn, scrapes, fresh scars or open wounds. If your skin is prone to dryness, it is a good idea to regularly moisturise leading up to the day of your appointment.

24 hours before your Tattoo…….. SLEEP: Get lots of rest.  Tiredness leads to stress, stress makes your body less able to do the things it does naturally. Generally speaking, the less stressed your body is, the easier the whole process will be.

BOOZE: Be conscious of your alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking the night before your tattoo can lead to more bleeding during your tattoo, which makes for prolonged healing and possible colour loss in your tattoo.

FOOD: Eating is quintessential to being prepared for your tattoo. A well balanced meal should be eaten 1-2 hours prior to your tattoo appointment this includes drinking plenty of water to ensure proper hydration. Nutrition allows your body to regenerate the things it is using to cope with the tattoo process. Many artists recommend drinking orange juice prior to getting inked.

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Getting tattooed is a pretty intimate experience, don’t forget to shower.

POSSE: It’s fine to bring your well behaved friend to hold your hand, but more than one is an entourage and in most cases annoying and distracting for your tattooist.

About Us and our Tattoo’s
The following costs apply:

Consultations with our artists are free!

Booking fee ( This payment gets taken off the total of your tattoo on the final session.)

Drawing Fee (for custom work only.)

We welcome your creativity but please note, you will be charged an extra drawing fee to have any changes made to your custom piece, once draw up has commenced Touch up’s on feet, hands, wrists, neck and elbows

Terms and Conditions:  The drawing fee is non-refundable once drawing has commenced.

The date and booking fee are transferable once, with a minimum of 4 business days notice.

Should you transfer the day more than once you will void your booking fee.

Should you cancel your booking within 5 business days, you will void your booking fee.

The drawing fee is inclusive of all relevant research and preparation required to create a one-off custom design. Any changes to your booking must be done via phone or in person with a Soul Inn House staff member.

We do not have an EFTPOS facility but ATMs are within walking distance.

Depending on how you choose to get here, we are conveniently located next to the Moonee Ponds train station and a main bus depot is a short walk from us.

Alternatively, if you drive you will find a plethora of parking options ranging from 1 hour – all day parking, depending on your luck.

Feel free to ask us for parking directions if you need help. We hope this has been helpful and look forward to seeing you again soon.


“I recently got my first ever tattoo with Sheridan at Soul House Inn. I was really happy with the whole experience! Sheridan was great with listening to what I wanted and designed a great custom image. The place was very clean and spacious. Sheridan did a fantastic job on both myself and my husband. We would definitely book with him again. All the other staff were lovely too. Highly recommend!”

“Recently got an amazing chest piece from Sheridan where he managed to take my original idea and give it his unique stamp then slaved over it for 3 long days on the trot, still managing to give it all his attention to the last detail. Friendly staff made the environment welcoming. Would highly recommend for your 1st to you 500th tattoo. Thanks again guys!”

“Sheridan has completed a totally awesome cover up for me on my foot. Simply stunning watercolour effect, I am in awe of its beauty – at last a worthy tribute to my Mum.
Can’t praise his work, skill and professionalism enough – I for one am a completely satisfied Customer who would highly recommend both Sheridan and Soul Inn House – you guys rock!!!!�”

“My sister and I just got piercings today and the girl (so sorry we didn’t catch your name!) was extremely professional and made us feel comfortable and confident in her skills. The process wasn’t rushed and we felt like great care was taken to make sure we loved the size and positioning of the jewellery. Will definitely be coming back for any future piercings, thank you!!! ”

“Love love love my infinity hearts tattoo thank you so much. The people at soul Inn house are such beautiful friendly people who made me and my family feel so comfortable getting our first tattoos thank you for a great experience will definitely let people know who are looking at getting a tattoo to pop into your shop to see you �”

“awesome place, I love how nice the other staff members are as well. Wicked art, very clean and would recommend.”

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