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Cottesloe, Western Australia 6100
0414 883 991

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The Story

What we do.

Tanology was born from a passion of keeping people out of the sun – yet still allow them to be bronzed and beautiful!

Hi my name is Jodie; I am a confirmed tanaholic and cannot imagine going without a spray tan all year round. Fortunately, I have worked in the tanning industry for over a decade so I can make this possible!

The problem with sunless tanning is how to keep your perfect tan looking fresh and flawless. I have heard many sunless tanning horror stories…we have all had our share of bad tanning experiences and we’ve even seen celebrities grace the red carpet looking orange and streaky!

Tanology’s main focus was to find a solution to removing sunless tan easily and without the use of harsh chemicals. From our very first product offering of the tanGO® cloth, we have grown and are very excited to present a range of tanning accessories to suit every kind of sunless tanner.

Why we do it.

I believe the look of being bronzed is here to stay, and it’s extremely important to me that we provide the best and safest alternative to UV tanning. I am proud to supply great products that ensure self-tanning can be fun, flawless and not so scary.

I am passionate about keeping people out of our harsh Australian sun. I lost my mother when I was 19 to melanoma. If my work with tanGO® can keep young people out of UV rays and possibly save a life, I will know that all of my hard work has been worth it!

My company, Tanology, is dedicated to providing the smartest possible strategy to keeping your sunless tanned skin looking bronzed and flawless. Tanology will provide you with the best customer service and keep you and your friends looking bronzed and beautiful without the harmful UV rays!

I hope you love using tanGO® as much as my many clients and I do. Enjoy and happy tanning!



“I cant imagine where I would be without my tanGO®”

“I have been a tanaholic for most of my life. When I first used tanGO® I was ecstatic that I finally found something that really works! ”

“I use my tanGO® everyday, it keeps my tans always looking fresh and ready for a top up tan whenever I want”.

“I love love love my tanGO® !!”

” Best tanning product ever, I make so many mistakes and this really helps with my orange ankles.”

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