The Mark Of The Gypsy

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1/15 Harris St, Fairfield, Sydney, NSW 2165, Australia
(02) 9755 1300

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Sydney based  Tattoo Studio.Walk-Ins are welcome!

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The Mark Of The Gypsy in Fairfield, Sydney, NSW is listed under Tattoo Parlours Offering Watercolour Tattooing, Black and Grey Tattooing, Script Lettering Tattooing.

Some other services offered by The Mark Of The Gypsy include Arm Tattooing, Portraits Tattooing, Hand Tattooing, Realism Tattooing.

Phone The Mark Of The Gypsy to make a booking with our friendly staff.

The Mark of The Gypsy is a private by appointment studio only. We don’t accept walk in appointments and don’t allow potential clients to visit our studio without first making a consultation appointment with the correct artist for their tattoo.

This allows us to concertrate on one thing during the day and that is making the very best tattoo with minimal distractions.

For that reason we don’t have a studio phone number either.

Please be patient and email the artist you think is best suited for the tattoo you’d like. So, you’ve decided to get a new tattoo. That’s great! Get you’r FIRST or NEXT ink with us… !

Our studio space is beautiful, warm and eclectic with inspiring artworks and artefacts.

Our artists are some of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne & Australia.

We aim to create the very best tattoos possible of anywhere around the world.

Each of our artists are strictly by appointment only.


“I have gotten a tattoo and a Monroe Piercing, And they have been nothing just amazing.
They place is really clean and they have great customer skills!!!”

“I got my first tattoo at The Mark Of Gypsy , just yesterday. Tattoo it self turn out amazing but the service that was provided was just UNREAL. I almost passed out during the session but thanks to the staff … Kaylah specially I was back on my feet in no time. She is a true professional with a great customer skills! Im definitely going back and I whole heartedly recommend The Mark Of The Gypsy ! Thank you guys!”

“I’ve had two tattoo’s done here and both turned out AMAZING..!!
They are friendly and service is agreat, They listen and are very helpful.
They done a great Text on my ribs and an amazing repair to a faulty tattoo… I get complimented on both pieces all the time and the wording is so crisp and clear, The work they do is purely amazing.
I recommend everyone to go there if your looking for great quality Ink”

“couldnt ask for better!!!!! have been getting tattooed here for years and now my children get theirs done there…. we often go together! the staff are very friendly and professional…”

“They are quite good artists and are thankfully not too pricey as most tattoo places are these days, they quotes me $60.00 for a 6 letter word on my neck in calligraphy which is half of what others quotes”

“They are always professional , treat all their customers with respect and always up hold your right to privacy they talk you through every step of the service they offer for me it was a tattoo.”

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